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Visit Puerto de San Lorenzo Bullfighting Ranch!

The Fighting Bull is a significant part of the Spanish culture. Bulls are impressive animals raised with the greatest care in well-preserved natural environments. Fighting cows and bulls live in small groups in the freedom of extensive secluded fields, where only a few have traditionally had access to their unique beauty and mightiness.

Since 1957, the Fraile family has devoted their lives to raising brave bulls. Now the younger generation welcomes visitors to share their passion and first-hand knowledge about the bull and the bullfighting values.

In Puerto de San Lorenzo stunning ranch visitors will have the exciting opportunity of sharing an unadulterated view of the bull and the daily life in a bull breeding state. Puerto de San Lorenzo is one of the most renowned breeds in the bullfighting world. Their bulls have recently run the famous Pamplona festival, and they have fought for over thirty years in a row in Madrid, the most important bullfighting ring in the world.

In this family-run business, the stockbreeders themselves will show you around the large state. You will see as close as possible the majestic bulls and the cows with their baby calfs, all roaming freely in a beautiful natural setting of mountains and holm oak trees. As a highlight, experienced horsemen will ride their well-bred Spanish horses to handle the cattle in the traditional way for group visitors.

Guests are driven in special platforms designed for groups or in jeeps for exclusive individual visits. The tour lasts approximately 60–90 minutes. There will also be time for a group picture in the state bullring.

Puerto de San Lorenzo now offers a genuine experience to learn about the Fighting Bull and its natural habitat, as well as about the passion and care bulls are raised with. Enjoy a pleasant time in nature diving into the heart of the Spanish culture.

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